Samsung announces Bixby Shopping and Cash Back for Samsung Pay

Samsung announces Bixby Shopping and Cash Back for Samsung Pay

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Samsung has announced the next evolution of mobile payments with Samsung Pay. These features will make the shopping experience more holistic for everyone using the service. Samsung Pay is arguably the best mobile payment app because of its support for MST, which lets users use their phones at payment terminals that don’t support NFC payment.

Bixby Shopping is the latest feature coming to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. This will allow users to use Bixby Vision and scan a product with the camera. It will then find the products from one of Samsung’s partners and allow you to purchase the item using Samsung Pay. Someone can see a product they like in the real world, hold their phone up to it, and then find the product and purchase it without needing to use multiple apps to do it.

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They have also announced a Cash Back rewards program. This allows for the user to get direct cash back rewards at certain partnered retailers. These could be exclusive offers on certain products with cash back or just cash back for making a purchase. The feature will also work with the current Samsung Rewards system. Samsung compares this feature to the way an airline gives miles back so you can save up for another ticket with miles.

These features are a great addition to Samsung Pay. It will create a more holistic shopping experience. By adding more features, Samsung hopes to bring more users into the platform and hopefully convince more companies to partner with Samsung to make Samsung Pay even better. With the combination of Bixby Vision, MST, and Samsung’s brand name, they could create the best and biggest mobile payment platform.

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