Samsung Pay Coming to India Soon; Samsung Pay Mini Launch for Android Confirmed

Samsung Pay Coming to India Soon; Samsung Pay Mini Launch for Android Confirmed

Samsung is gearing up for a rather busy 2017. The inevitable launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is enough reason to keep Android enthusiasts excited, but Samsung seems to have more in store for their fans.

Samsung Pay – Coming soon to India

A new report from Mashable mentions that Samsung is working to bring Samsung Pay to India soon. For those not in the know, India has undergone demonetization of a very large part of its currency creating a short term liquidity crunch in the country. This was the perfect situation for the launch of a digital wallet platform, as can be demonstrated by PayTM and their meteoric growth post-demonetization.

The short term liquidity woes in the country have been relieved in urban areas, so Samsung might have missed the prime time. Nonetheless, India does not play host to other global digital wallet solutions like Apple Pay or Android Pay, which still works in Samsung’s favor.

Samsung Pay is tipped to be launching in the first half of 2017. Samsung has partnered with American Express (Amex) for the initial launch while collaboration efforts are underway for Visa and MasterCard as well. Samsung Pay is limited to higher-end devices in the Galaxy lineup, though, which could be a limiting factor in its success. However, Samsung does have MST technology to rely on, which is one of the most commonly found payment terminal technology in urban India.

Samsung Pay Mini – An Online Solution

The next bit of news actually comes directly from Samsung. Samsung has officially announced Samsung Pay Mini for Android in South Korea, with the service launching in the country within Q1 2017.

Samsung Pay Mini will work with any Android device as long as it has an HD or higher resolution display and Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, both of which are easily met requirements.

The difference between Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay Mini is in offline payments. Samsung Pay Mini is restricted to payment for online services, while necessary Samsung hardware in the form of a supported Galaxy device is needed for regular Samsung Pay and offline service payments.

Samsung Pay Mini will be undergoing a pre-trial test on February 6th in South Korea. The service will eventually roll out to other regions, but there is no time frame mentioned for its release.

What are your thoughts on Samsung Pay launch in India, and the concept of Samsung Pay Mini as a watered-down payment solution? Let us know in the comments below!

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