Samsung Pay


Don’t be the one guy in line that still pays with a credit card. You will look bad and you should feel bad. Paying with your phone is finally starting to become a reality in 2015. All the major smartphone manufactures are coming out with their version of mobile payments. The latest entry into this market is Samsung Pay. 

Samsung Pay will officially launch on September 28. If you’re eager to try it out, they have a beta program in place.

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system that will allow you to use your phone instead of a credit card. We have see many mobile payment systems in the past, but they have failed to take off. As more and more companies are staring to accept these forms of payment, we will finally see this begin to work.

Samsung Pay will be available on their latest flagship devices. Right now, that will include:

If your device is not on the list, don’t worry! You might be able to use Android Pay, when that is launched with Android 6.0.

How Does it work?

To use Samsung Pay, you’ll start by entering your credit card info and all of that nonsense. Don’t worry, all of your information is protected by the new fingerprint scanner found in the latest Samsung devices.

To use the Samsung Pay app follow these steps:


  1. Swipe up from the home button. Or, select the Samsung Pay app icon from your home screen or app tray.
  2. Authorize payments by simply scanning your finger on the home key.
  3. Hover your phone over the in-store card reader. Congratulations! You just paid!

Beta Program

To qualify for the Beta program, make sure that you are signed up for a Samsung account.

The beta program is by special invite only. Seeing as we are only days away from the official launch, you might not be too interested in going through the beta program, but just in case, I’ll show you how. Signing up to get an invite is simple, but you have to meet certain requirements. Right now, Samsung Pay will work with following type of cards:

  • Bank of America
  • MasterCard
  • US Bank
  • Visa

security-devices (1)

The other qualifying factor is that you have an active account with one of the following wireless carriers:

  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • U.S. Cellular

If you match these requirements, you can visit the Samsung Pay website to signup for an invite.

Beta Website

Accept Samsung Pay

If you’re a business looking to accept Samsung Pay, good for you! Samsung Pay works with virtually all card readers. It’s currently in more stores than any other payment method.

On their website, Samsung claims…

Pay works with both old and new terminals, including magnetic stripe, NFC and EMV. And with Samsung’s best security built-in—using several layers of protection—your customers have safety and peace of mind.

Samsung Pay Website

They even have a program available to businesses, where you can get a free merchant kit. This kit includes stickers that you can place on your windows to let people know you accept Samsung Pay. If you don’t have windows, simply place the stickers on customers foreheads as they walk in.

So at the end of the day, there’s nothing more satisfying than whipping out your massive 5-6 inch phone, stroking it with your fingers, and then having the cashier ask you to come again.

Sorry. #hadto