Samsung+ rebrands to Samsung Members to provide more consistent support on Samsung products

Samsung+ rebrands to Samsung Members to provide more consistent support on Samsung products

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For years, Samsung has maintained its Samsung+ app to provide support for its U.S. customers. Outside of the U.S., Samsung customers have the Samsung Members app. There doesn’t seem to be any good reason for the apps to be separate as they both had the same functionality. Shortly after the release of the Galaxy S10, Samsung is looking to combine both apps and just have a single Samsung Members app worldwide. If you had Samsung+ installed before this update, the app will automatically be updated through the Play Store with all the new features.

Every Samsung phone in the U.S. comes with Samsung+. It is used for support, diagnostics, and to access their community forums. The support function transfers you over to a text chat, video call, or phone call with a support representative to help you with any issues your Galaxy phone might have. Diagnostics run through and help you optimize your phone for the best battery and speed. It also checks to make sure that all your phone’s hardware is working. Lastly, their community forums is mostly a support forum where you’ll sometimes see announcements be made.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Forums Samsung Galaxy S10+ Forums

The updated Samsung Members app has all the same features as Samsung+. The only differences between the two apps were the design, name, and regional availability. Samsung has merged both apps so you’ll have a similar experience no matter where you buy your phone from. This new update is rolling out on the Google Play Store for users in the United States.

Along with the redesign, Samsung is revamping its community forums. They are adding a new groups system and categorizing their forums more naturally. Samsung is also launching an Ambassador program. Members who help the most can earn thanks and might become an ambassador. Samsung invites some ambassadors to events like Samsung Unpacked and even provides them with free devices on occasion.