Samsung Releases 16 New Themes on the Theme Store

Samsung Releases 16 New Themes on the Theme Store

The launch of the S6 and S6 Edge back in March saw the latest version of Touchwiz being released alongside the devices, with some serious effort put into it this time around, in a bid to move away from the notorious reputation Samsung’s Android skin has gained over the past few years. Memory efficiency and decreased bloatware were the obvious fixes, but Samsung went above and beyond, adding features that end users actually needed. One of them is the homebrewed Theme Store that allows users to style their device using a multitude of themes from the store.

Despite the store containing a handful of themes in its infancy, the collection has been growing ever since, with Samsung releasing a bunch of new themes every so often and even bringing third-party designers on board. Today saw sixteen new themes hit the Theme Store, increasing the multitude of styles available, and these are the latest additions:

Clock MasterSamsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-Theme-Clock-Master

Flat Candy


Flying Blue _MINDON Design


Gram of the Night Sea


London Night


Matryoshka Doll


Mint Flower


Old Time


Returning the Bullet


Skull Bike


Sky Sketchbook


Soft Flower Shop


Sweet Cone


Sweet Truck


Tire Tracks





As of now, the Samsung Theme Store is only available for S6 and S6 Edge owners, but is expected on the older flagships soon. If you own either of the aforementioned devices, head on over to Settings>Themes to give one of them a shot. Do any of Samsung’s themes suit your style? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: SamMobile

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