Samsung Releases SoundAssistant App for Galaxy Devices on Android 7.0

Samsung Releases SoundAssistant App for Galaxy Devices on Android 7.0

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Samsung has launched a new app called SoundAssistant on the Play Store that allows for users to customize several audio settings on their device. This app is restricted to Samsung Galaxy devices, and specifically, to Galaxy devices that are on Android 7.0 and beyond.

SoundAssistant allows for 150 steps of volume adjustment, a floating equalizer function as well as mono and stereo balancing. SoundAssistant also lets users set separate volumes for individual apps, which can be really handy if a game has low audio volume by default. You can also change the volume key behaviour using the app, defaulting to media volume instead of ringtone. This feature forms a staple part of several custom ROMs, so it is good to see Samsung embracing the same for some of its devices.

SoundAssistant also lets Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ users set different output path for each app, like playing music through a Bluetooth speaker and letting game music through the device speaker.

SoundAssistant is available only to Galaxy devices running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher, and since it is an official Samsung app, it works without the need for root functionality. It remains to be seen if Samsung will open up the app to other non-Galaxy devices and Galaxy devices not on Android 7.0.

Have you tried out SoundAssistant? Do you find the app useful? Do you use other alternatives to solve your issues with device audio? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out SoundAssistant on the Google Play Store Story Via: Android Authority