Samsung reportedly working on stacked smartphone batteries that could offer 10% higher energy density

Samsung reportedly working on stacked smartphone batteries that could offer 10% higher energy density

When it comes to the battery and charging speed innovations, Samsung isn’t always the trendsetter. The company significantly lags behind other Android OEMs in the fast charging race. On the one hand, we have OEMs like Xiaomi and OPPO breaking the 200W barrier, while Samsung has yet to reach even the 50W mark. The company’s latest flagships, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra, support up to 45W fast charging. However, other Galaxy phones could only manage 25W at best. While Samsung is clearly not interested in winning the fast charging race, it’s reportedly exploring a new technology that could allow it to fit bigger batteries on future Galaxy phones.


As per a new report from The Elec, Samsung SDI is planning to adopt stacking technology for manufacturing smartphone batteries. Stacked cell batteries are widely used in electric cars, with Samsung SDI being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers to EV makers. Samsung is reportedly planning to manufacture small stacked cell lithium-ion batteries at its Chonan plant in South Korea.

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The stacking process offers several advantages over the existing winding process used by battery manufacturers. The Stacking method can increase the energy density by more than 10%, allowing companies to increase the battery capacity without actually expanding the footprint or volume. So, for example, if you’re producing a 5,000mAh battery with the winding method, switching to the stacking process can allow you to produce a 5,500mAh battery in the same footprint. In addition, it can also increase the battery cycle life by 10% and reduce the cost of production for manufacturers.

The report notes that Samsung SDI has also set up a separate pilot line for producing stacked batteries at its Tianjin plant in China. The report further adds that the Chinese plant is testing while the Korean plant will be utilized for the production line.

It’s unclear when Samsung plans to start mass production of stacked smartphone batteries. In any case, it’s unlikely that we’ll see stacked batteries making their way to Galaxy smartphones any time soon.

Source: The Elec
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