Samsung Rolls Out Industry’s First 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM Package

Samsung Rolls Out Industry’s First 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM Package

While 4GB of RAM may seem as a standard for flagships that come out these days, a lot of companies have been bringing in devices with 6GB of RAM, even though their utilization of such large amounts of RAM may remain questionable. But still, as technology progresses, improvements to hardware will continue on driving what we are able to do with software.

With the same spirit, Samsung Electronics has launched the industry’s first 8 Gigabyte LPDDR4 mobile DRAM package. This DRAM package is expected to be employed within mobile units, not restricted to smartphones, especially in devices with high resolution and large sized displays. The 8GB DRAM package makes use of four of Samsung’s newest 16 gigabit LPDDR4 memory chips and 10nm-class process technology.

The advent of our powerful 8GB mobile DRAM solution will enable more capable next-generation, flagship mobile devices around the world

Joo Sun Choi, Executive VP of Memory Sales and Marketing Division

The 8GB LPDDR4 package has reported dimensions of under 15mm x 15mm x 1mm. The thin 1mm form factor enables stacking the package together with other components like UFS memory or the SoC, which aids the OEM in making a compact PCB.

While 8GB of RAM may seem overkill within current smartphone use scenarios, the wider proliferation of Virtual Reality, and the inevitable move up towards merging the smartphone and desktop experience does mean that we need hardware to move on faster before software can play catch up in order to provide an experience which does not feel straight out of a Beta. Having overkill hardware on critical components like the RAM help in making better use of newer technology like dual cameras, higher resolution and larger displays, Virtual Reality and even go on towards use cases that would involve running virtual machines right on our smartphones!

Samsung has not provided any timeline within which we can see this DRAM package available in retail devices. But it would not be far-fetched to expect a mobile device around mid-2017 that makes use of this new piece of technology.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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