Samsung will release an S Pen Pro for the Galaxy S21 Ultra later this year

Samsung will release an S Pen Pro for the Galaxy S21 Ultra later this year

Samsung on Thursday announced the Galaxy S21 Ultra is launching with S Pen support. Unfortunately, the optional $40 accessory doesn’t have Bluetooth, which means it won’t support features like air gestures. But don’t fret, because Samsung confirmed it will release an S Pen Pro later this year with support for Bluetooth and air gestures.

If you already own an S Pen from other Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab devices, it will work with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Meanwhile, the S Pen Pro will work with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and also be compatible with the Galaxy Note 10/20 series and Galaxy Tab S6/S7 series with One UI 3.1 and above installed. Samsung didn’t share pricing for the S Pen Pro.


The S-Pen case

The new S Pen can still do a lot when combined with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. For example, you can jot down notes, edit photos, and sign documents. You can also draw, navigate the phone, and much more. It’s an experience that will feel familiar to Galaxy Note owners. The S Pen also comes equipped with a side button for performing certain actions, so you’re not missing a ton if you don’t wait for the S Pen Pro.

Either way, the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t have a slot to carry the S Pen, so you’ll either have to carry it separately or buy a carrying case (which when purchased with the S Pen, is bundled for $69.99). Considering how diminutive the S Pen is, carrying it separately seems like a tricky proposition, so a carrying case is probably the best way to go.

It’s worth clarifying that only the Galaxy S21 Ultra features S Pen support, so if you opt for the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S21 Plus, you’re out of luck. It would have been nice to see Samsung’s entire lineup of new devices offer S Pen support, but we’ll take what we can get. Hopefully, there will be enough interest that the feature eventually comes to all Galaxy S series phones released in 2022 and beyond.

    The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the ultimate overkill in the new 2021 flagship series, packing in a flagship SoC, a premium build, a great display, and an amazing camera setup, as well as all the extras expected on a premium flagship.

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