Samsung Adds “Secure Wi-Fi” VPN to the Galaxy Note 8 via a Software Update

Samsung Adds “Secure Wi-Fi” VPN to the Galaxy Note 8 via a Software Update

Smartphone manufacturers continue to roll out fixes for KRACK, a critical exploit in Wi-Fi’s WPA2 encryption system that allows attackers to steal sensitive information, and Samsung’s the latest of the bunch. On Monday, it added Secure Wi-Fi to the Galaxy Note 8 via a software update, a new VPN service designed protected against KRACK and other Wi-Fi exploits.

Secure Wi-Fi VPN service is a staple of Samsung’s budget Galaxy J series, but it’s the first time it’s made its way to one of the Seoul, South Korea-based company’s flagship phones. It works by encrypting all outgoing Internet traffic and disabling tracking apps and websites, allowing users to browse the internet safely on unsecured Wi-Fi networks.


Galaxy Note 8 Secure Wi-Fi

Samsung notes that Secure Wi-Fi may reduce Wi-Fi connection speed and impact battery life, and that it might prevent the Galaxy Note 8 from connecting to other devices on the same Wi-Fi network. Samsung says that in addition, Secure Wi-Fi it might not work with some networks, apps, and websites that have their own security policy.

In order to use Secure Wi-Fi, users with the latest update on their Galaxy Note 8 have to go to the Settings menu, tap Connections, then tap Wi-Fi, and tap the Advanced button at the top-right corner, and select the Secure Wi-Fi option. Once it’s enabled, users can manually pick which apps use it.

If you’re not seeing it on your Galaxy Note 8 yet, don’t fret — it might not be available in your region yet.

Samsung’s offering 250MB of free Secure Wi-Fi data each month, and has paid plans for users who want unlimited protection. Pricing starts at €0.99 ($1.18) for 24 hours of unlimited secure browsing and €1.99 ($2.36) for a month.

Source: SamMobile

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