Samsung Sells 30,000 New Galaxy Note 7 Units in South Korea in 2 Days

Samsung Sells 30,000 New Galaxy Note 7 Units in South Korea in 2 Days

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Samsung has been working hard to get back on their feet after the whole defective battery issues with the Galaxy Note 7. The last couple of months have not been good to the South Korean tech giant, but things are finally starting to level out for them. It did seem like business was going to get rocky for Samsung again when a replaced Galaxy Note 7 caught fire, but that looks to be an isolated incident and not another batch of defective batteries.

Two weeks ago we started seeing safe Galaxy Note 7 units appear in major US wireless carrier stores. This first started with AT&T, but then branched out to the other major US carriers as well. Just like in the United States, Samsung had also suspended sales in other countries as well. The company just resumed sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in their home country of South Korea on October 1st as they had previously announced.

Along with resumed sales, Samsung is also offering South Korean customers a 50% discount on screen repairs for those who buy the device in October. One would suspect that customers would be worried about buying the Galaxy Note 7 right now, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. In South Korea, a smartphone is said to be a “hit” if they are able to sell 10,000 units per day and the Note 7 has surpassed this benchmark.

The Korea Herald is reporting that since sales of the Galaxy Note 7 have resumed, Samsung has been able to sell 30,000 units on Saturday and Sunday. This has to be a relief for Samsung, but the real test is if they will be able to keep up with these sales numbers, especially outside of their own turf in South Korea. Dedicated Samsung fans would have likely bought the Note 7 anyway, but it’ll be interesting to see if the smartphone has staying power after the reputation that has been building around it.

Source: The Korea Herald