SmartThings Find now lets your friends and family help locate your lost devices

SmartThings Find now lets your friends and family help locate your lost devices

It’s never really fun when things go missing. Whether you’re a “where’s my keys?” type of person or “where’s my phone?” type, finding misplaced items can be irritating and time-consuming. It always feels like we’re fighting a losing battle. And yet, many of us keep misplacing important stuff over and over. This is where Bluetooth trackers like AirTags and Tile come in handy. Samsung has its own lineup of Bluetooth trackers called Galaxy SmartTag, which rely on the company’s SmartThings Find service to help locate devices that have SmartTag attached. Now, Samsung has announced a new ability for SmarThings Find that will soon allow users to receive a helping hand from their friends and family to locate lost and misplaced items.


This new feature, called SmarThings Find Members, will let you add friends and family members to your SmarThings account. You can add up to 19 members to your account, and together the whole group can locate up to 200 devices at once. You can also control which devices you want to share with trusted members and which devices they can track. The idea here is that if you don’t have your phone with you or can’t seem to find your device, you can ask your family member or friend to find and fetch it for you.

Samung SmartThings Find device sharing

SmartThings Find leverages Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to help you find and locate your Galaxy smartphones, smartwatches, accessories like S-Pen, as well as Galaxy SmartTag trackers.

Samsung is only paying a catch-up with Tile which has offered tracker sharing for years now. Google is also working on a similar feature for its Find My Device service that would allow users to add co-owners that can locate and track your device.

Samsung hasn’t given any specific timeline on when the SmartThings Find Member feature will arrive.

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