Samsung SmartThings 1.7.43-22 adds a new “Virtual Home” feature and at-a-glance dashboard for connected devices

Samsung SmartThings 1.7.43-22 adds a new “Virtual Home” feature and at-a-glance dashboard for connected devices

Samsung SmartThings is Samsung’s platform for smart home devices. The app is the replacement for over 40 apps that performed bits-and-pieces of the functionality it currently has. SmartThings received a major overhaul in March 2018, letting users handle SmartThings-connected devices. The SmartThings ecosystem is a competitor to the Google Assistant-powered Nest and the Alexa-powered smart home ecosystems. With SmartThings, users can control their smart home devices such as air conditioners, air purifiers, bulbs, TVs, refrigerators, and more. It’s all integrated in a single app. Now, the app has received an update on the Play Store that brings new functionality.

Samsung SmartThings

At a glance dashboard in Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings 1.7.43-22 now lets users view the status of their connected devices at a glance. This acts as dashboard of all the devices that are currently connected to the app. It includes phones, ear buds, living room devices, and more. The aim of this feature is that users can quickly check the status of all their connected devices.

The second major functionality addition is something that Samsung calls “Virtual Home”. This lets users try out the features of SmartThings and control devices in simulation even when they don’t actually have connected devices. It’s aimed to make users aware of the features of the SmartThings platform, and if they like the Virtual Home feature, at least some of them will be compelled to buy devices that are connected to it. Samsung notes that supported devices and services may differ depending on region. Samsung SmartThings itself as a platform is available in select regions because of different laws applicable in different regions.

The change-log of the update is noted below:

– Easily view the status of your connected devices at-a-glance
– Explore SmartThings through our “Virtual Home” – even you do not have connected devices
(*Supported devices and services may differ depending on your region)

Screenshots thanks to Max Weinbach.


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