Samsung announces Matter support on SmartThings IoT platform

Samsung announces Matter support on SmartThings IoT platform

Following the footsteps of Google and Apple, Samsung has announced support for the Matter standard for its SmartThings IoT platform.

At Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) on Tuesday, Samsung revealed it would fully adopt Matter across Galaxy devices, TVs, Family Hub appliances, and SmartThings hubs. Samsung’s SmartThings platform already supports protocols like Zigbee and Z-Wave, and with Matter, it will enable “consumers with existing smart homes to seamlessly integrate new devices into their homes.”

“Matter will help drive a surge in smart home adoption, and with SmartThings, it will be easier for users to gain smart home experiences with seamless device onboarding, customized automation, and a choice of voice assistants,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President, Samsung.


For starters, Matter is a royalty-free, universal home automation connectivity standard developed by more than 180 companies. Matter aims to reduce the fragmentation among smart home devices and improve the interoperability between IoT platforms and devices from different OEMs. One of the main highlights of Matter is that all Matter-enabled devices can be controlled and set up with any smart home app that supports Matter. So, in theory, it will be possible to control a Google Nest device using Apple’s smart home app and vice versa.

Google officially announced Matter support for Android and Google Nest devices in May this year. Last week, the Search giant released the Google Home Device SDK to help developers quickly build Matter devices. Meanwhile, Apple laid the foundation for Matter support in iOS 15.

Samsung says it plans to bring Matter support to the Samsung SmartThings platform sometime in 2022. Apple, Google, Phillips, and other brands also plan to roll out Matter support to their existing accessories in early 2022.

At this week’s SDC 2021 event, the South Korean giant had a bunch of announcements to make, including new features and services for Samsung Smart TVs, Tizen for Business, and Tizen TV Platform Licencing.

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