Samsung Sold More Than 5 Million Units of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus; Expected to Release in China Next Week

Samsung Sold More Than 5 Million Units of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus; Expected to Release in China Next Week

Samsung’s latest flagship devices, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, went on sale in South Korea, the US, and Canada last month. Both of these devices have received rave reviews from critics and consumers for its symmetric design and outstanding curved display. Initial reports suggest the devices have been doing well in terms of sales as well, with the device breaking pre-order records set by the last year’s Galaxy S7/Edge.

After the last year’s Note 7 debacle, Samsung is betting heavily on the success of the Galaxy S8 to mark a solid return, and now, according to a new report, it appears both devices are off to a pretty great start.

According to a Samsung official confirmed to The Investor, the company has so far sold more than 5 million units of the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus since the official release.

“Although we cannot provide detailed figures, the sales are going smoothly around the globe. The combined sales already are beyond 5 million units,”

The Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, by contrast, were managed to sell 10 million units in its first three weeks of the launch. However, it’s worth noting that, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have yet to hit many markets. So it’s still impressive to see the devices managed to surpass the 5 million mark in just three weeks from launch despite the limited release. Also, the official release in other markets in coming days should bump the sales numbers even further.

Interestingly, early reports of red-tinted display on some of the Galaxy S8 units don’t seem to have affected the sales performance of the devices in any way.

According to analysts, Samsung is expected to sell 20 million units of the Galaxy S8 by the end of the second quarter, with annual sales estimated to be around 50-60 million units.

Meanwhile, Samsung is planning to bring the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus to China next week. According to industry watchers, Samsung will be holding an event on Thursday in China, with the device expected to officially go on sale starting May 25. To attract potential consumers, Samsung is also planning to offer its own artificial assistant Bixby on the Galaxy S8 in Chinese by the next month in the country.

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