Samsung Starts Mass Production of SoCs With 10nm FinFET Technology

Samsung Starts Mass Production of SoCs With 10nm FinFET Technology

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Samsung has announced today that the company has started mass production of 10nm FinFET based System-on-Chips. The South Korean OEM claims that their SoC is the first one produced with such technology.

In comparison to its 14 nm predecessor, Samsung’s new 10nm FinFET process (10LPE) adopts an advanced 3D transistor structure with additional enhancements in both process technology and design enablement. As a result, users should get a 27-percent performance boost, while the power consumption is expected to be reduced by a whopping 40 percent. In plain English and simpler context, this means that future Samsung devices should be more powerful while consuming less battery.

Company’s Executive Vice President Jong Shik Yoon finds Samsung a leader in advanced process technology. According to him, the South Korean company will continue to deliver top-notch products to its customers. It’s understandable that Samsung faces really strong competition in Qualcomm and MediaTek, with both the chipmakers craving to maintain their great market positions.

Newly announced chips will not be the only produced in the 10nm process. Samsung will also produce a second generation of system-on-chips (10LPP) “with performance boost”. From what we learn, production for the same should commence in the second half of 2017.

According to the official press announcement, the company will sport its new chips in digital devices launching early next year. We have to remind that Samsung has recently ceased to produce the Galaxy Note 7 due to hardware defects. So while this new technology provides good opportunity to make up for lost reputation, it is all the more important to take one’s time and do things right. We hope the upcoming SoCs help bridge the performance gap that the Android market sees when compared to Apple’s SoCs.

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Source: Samsung