Samsung Still Does Not Know Cause of Note 7 Fires, Development of S8 Delayed

Samsung Still Does Not Know Cause of Note 7 Fires, Development of S8 Delayed

And for some good news, the Note 8 Might Come to Exist Afterall

You already know about the Note 7 and all of its battery combustion issues. When the early reports related to the Galaxy Note 7 going up in smokes started coming in, Samsung conducted an investigation which led it to believe that the issue was restricted to batteries supplied from one particular component supplier.

This incorrect diagnosis led to the first recall of the device, which as we know by now, did not really help contain the issue, and eventually, the second recall had to be undertaken. A new report coming out of the Wall Street Journal mentions that the root cause of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery fires still continues to remain unknown to Samsung. There are numerous theories floating around, but none of them are holding up to investigation and testing.

We recognized that we did not correctly identify the issue the first time and remain committed to finding the root cause. Our top priority remains the safety of our customers and retrieving 100% of the Galaxy Note 7 devices in the market.

Samsung spokeswoman, to The Wall Street Journal

The lack of a conclusive answer to the cause of the fires is now spreading onto the development of other devices. The WSJ report mentions that Samsung executives have delayed the development of the Galaxy S8 by two weeks, as engineers are still working to get to the bottom of the Note 7 fiasco.

It is in Samsung’s, and the consumer’s, best interest that the issue with the Note 7 gets identified before development begins on the next Samsung Galaxy flagship device. The incorrect diagnosis and the consequent botched first recall has left a sour taste in the mouths of the customers. With the Note 7 being aborted completely by Samsung, and with the company facing massive losses as a result, there is immense pressure on the Galaxy S8 to perform. However, a delayed Galaxy S8 would still be a far better scenario than a Galaxy S8 that catches fire. So we do appreciate that Samsung plans to take its time with the Galaxy S8.

Consumers would also be asking the question: is the Note line dead?

Well, the Note 7 is definitely dead, but it seems that Samsung is keeping a positive outlook towards the future of the Note moniker. A recent announcement in Samsung’s South Korean newsroom for a new early upgrade program for Note 7 adopters bears several mentions of the Galaxy Note 8. While not an outright confirmation, this does indicate that the company has plans (for now at least) for releasing two new devices in 2017.

We will keep our readers abreast about new developments in the Note 7 chronicles.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal

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