Samsung Suffers a Loss in China Patent Lawsuit Against Huawei

Samsung Suffers a Loss in China Patent Lawsuit Against Huawei

Samsung has been embroiled in multiple legal battles in recent years, primarily with Apple but also with others. In early 2017, it lost a legal battle with Huawei and was fined $11.6 million after it was found to have infringed on Huawei’s 4G technology patents. This week, Samsung has yet again been found guilty by Chinese courts, which claim that the South Korea-based phone maker infringed on Huawei-owned patents.

The Shenzhen Intermediate Court told Samsung to stop manufacturing and selling the infringing products, although it’s not clear which models are affected and exactly when the court order will go into effect. The court also ruled that the smartphone maker “maliciously delayed negotiations” that started on July 11, which implied intent on its part to commit patent infringement and showed that it was knowingly infringing. The court concluded that Samsung was “obviously at fault.”

Just like last time, Samsung is evaluating its options and hasn’t disagreed with the ruling publicly. A spokesperson for the company said that the company will “thoroughly review the court’s decision and determine appropriate responses.”

This will likely affect Samsung’s sales, but it’s unclear by just how much. If it’s forced to stop selling some of its flagship devices in China, the court ruling has the potential to affect its market share significantly. And if the court’s decision impacts the South Korean giant’s 4G products and services, it might be even more detrimental.

You can read the original report below. We’ll be sure to cover any future developements.

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