Samsung to Support 7 New Companies Spun Off from its C-Lab Program

Samsung to Support 7 New Companies Spun Off from its C-Lab Program

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Samsung’s C-Lab (Creative Lab) program began in the fourth quarter of 2012 and has been the company’s primary innovation program. It enables Samsung’s employees to work on creative projects (similar to Google’s 80/20 idea) while also encouraging them to come up with new ideas. A number of these innovative projects involve the smartphone/mobile space and today Samsung has announced seven new startups are to be spun off of the program, receiving ongoing support from the company in the development and marketing of their products.

The C-Lab program has provided the support needed to establish a total of 32 alumni startups over the past two years, with some going on to secure additional global funding. Samsung claims these startups have performed well, increased company valuation and opening up unexpected business opportunities.

Introducing the new batch of graduates announced today, Hyperity is being developed as an AR/VR solution that allows the user to remotely control smartphones and desktops through virtual screens without a physical monitor. Another virtual reality product called Linkface can detect eye and facial muscle movement, allowing the user to directly control VR content with their face.

These new startups go beyond the AR and VR space; PIXELRO offers a smartphone-based product that provides a vision correction solution for individuals with presbyopia, in place of glasses. Defind is an application that can capture a 3D scan of your foot to help you buy perfectly-fitting shoes. Paystory is a social media-based recommendation service to be used by businesses who want to combat fake reviews.

1Drop is being marketed as an ultra low-cost blood glucose measurement solution using an LED light and the camera of a smartphone. On the other hand, a product that is more mobile but less smartphone-related is BlueFeel, a portable, wearable air purifier which doesn’t block the user’s mouth, designed for those individuals who find regular dust masks uncomfortable.

Source: Samsung Newsroom