Samsung Temporarily Halts Production of Note 7; Carriers Halt Sales

Samsung Temporarily Halts Production of Note 7; Carriers Halt Sales

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is turning out to be a bit of a blight to Samsung’s otherwise impressive phone lineup, sales records and reputation in the market — all of which have taken a big hit ever since the Note 7’s started catching fire. After the first few reports, Samsung had initiated a recall for the device and offered replacement units that were deemed to be “safe”. But fresh reports pointed that these units were not any safer than the previous batch as several reports originated that these too had battery explosion issues.

Just as experts were pointing out that Samsung could face a second recall of the device, other stakeholders have swooped in to avert possible damage to customers. The latest in news comes from South Korea where it is being reported that Samsung has temporarily halted the production of the Galaxy Note 7. The halt is in cooperation with consumer safety regulators from South Korea, United States and China. The halt also includes a plant in Vietnam that was responsible for global shipments of the device.

In addition to this, shipment of replacement units to customers have also been paused. And to complement these moves, carriers around the world — including the Big Four in the USA, Telstra in Australia and EE and Three in the UK — have stopped selling the device. They are also advising customers to return the replacement units of the device as well. Many of the carriers are also offering customers the chance to pick up any other phone in the carrier’s lineup as well, along with issuing refunds for accessories purchased in relation to the device.

There is strong insistence that the production halt is temporary in nature, but the carriers and the customers may not be as willing to give Samsung a third chance on this phone. The recall and its merits have been tarnished, and there is no way Samsung and the Note lineup walks out unscathed from this.

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