Samsung is reportedly testing an Android Go phone in several countries

Samsung is reportedly testing an Android Go phone in several countries

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Android Go is Google’s answer to the ultra low-end segment of the smartphone market and so far it has produced an interesting collection of devices. This lightweight, optimized OS is ideal for emerging markets where customers are highly sensitive to how much a product like this costs. There has been a new Android Go device from a number of different OEMs, but the most popular one has yet to release such a product. That seems to have changed as Samsung is currently testing an Android Go smartphone in a number of select markets.

Details of the device are pretty scarce right now but we do know it carries the model number SM-J260G. With this information, there have been benchmarks with this model number that could give us a clue as to what type of hardware we should expect from Samsung’s first Android Go smartphone. If these benchmarks are indeed true, then the phone comes with a processor codenamed Universal7570_Go, 1GB of RAM, and Android 8.1 Oreo. SamMobile ended up digging through some trademark documents which names the SM-J260G device as the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core.

As mentioned, these Android Go devices are ideal for emerging markets and Samsung knows that quite well. Samsung began testing the Galaxy J2 Core in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, but reports now say that the company has brought it to “dozens of new markets across the globe.” There are variants of this device with the SM-J260F model being tested in the United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Caucasus Countries, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, France, and Poland.

Then a second device with the model number SM-J260M is currently being tested in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Panada, and Paraguay. Lastly, Samsung has brought the original SM-J260G variant to Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Source: SamMobile