Samsung Theme Park is a Good Lock module that lets you theme One UI

Samsung Theme Park is a Good Lock module that lets you theme One UI

Samsung’s Good Lock is a one-stop-shop for all your One UI customization needs. The app features several useful modules that let you personalize your phone’s UI and make it your own. Earlier this year in April, Samsung updated the Good Lock modules to bring a new slim recent apps section in the TaskChanger and Quick tools and actions in One Hand Operation+, among other things. Now, Samsung has added yet another module called Theme Park that allows you to create your own custom themes.

The new Theme Park module from Samsung was first spotted by Reddit user u/prabhavtiwari and it lets you create personalized themes depending on your current wallpaper. Using the new module is fairly simple, you just need to tap on the Design new theme button and the module automatically picks up the main colors from the wallpaper you’re currently using.


You can then pick a color from the available options and the module will design a new theme based on that color. The Style option lets you choose a color palette for all the UI elements based on the color you just picked and the Icon option lets you choose the icon, icon label, and tray colors. The best part about Theme Park is the fact that you see a live preview of the custom theme so that you can easily tweak it as you go.

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, you can tap on the Save button at the top to save your new theme and the module then automatically installs the new theme on your device. If all of this sounds interesting, you should download Theme Park right away and give it a whirl. The module is available on the Samsung Galaxy Store and it works on most devices running One UI. In case you face any issues running the module on your phone, you can also check out NiceLock. With NiceLock, you’ll be able to download and manage Good Lock modules as APKs and install them manually on your device.

Download Samsung Theme Park from the Samsung Galaxy Store

Download Samsung Theme Park from APKMirror

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