Samsung to Completely Disable Charging on Remaining Unreturned Galaxy Note 7’s

Samsung to Completely Disable Charging on Remaining Unreturned Galaxy Note 7’s

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With the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus hogging the limelight with their leaks, everyone in the world has moved on from the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7. Almost everyone in the world, apparently.

According to a report originating from South Korea, Samsung has received 97% of the Galaxy Note 7‘s sold in South Korea. For most markets outside of the original launch regions, sales of the device were originating either after the initial incidences of fires were reported or simply were delayed and not began at all. So we can expect similar figures in regions where the device did go on sale for a significant number of days.

To bring back the remaining Galaxy Note 7’s, Samsung will completely disable charging on the device. This move appears to be the final measure that the company could take to cajole the remaining Note 7 users to give up their devices. This follows a series of software updates which limited the charge on the device to several levels below full capacity and even kicked the user off of the mobile network. The update will finally kill the device by no longer letting it charge.

However, one needs to look at reasons why and how the remaining Note 7 users are continuing their usage of the device. Root-savvy users have blocked the OTA update application packages and rolled back to earlier OTAs, which lets them use the device as they did before the recall. It is difficult to understand why individual users would want to keep a device which is deemed a fire hazard by its parent company, but some people have their own reasons.

We hope Samsung is successful in a 100% recall. We urge users who still use the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s to return the device back for their own safety.

Source: Korea Herald