[Update: U.S. too] Samsung to cut WiFi, Bluetooth & Cellular Connectivity of the Note 7 in Canada

[Update: U.S. too] Samsung to cut WiFi, Bluetooth & Cellular Connectivity of the Note 7 in Canada

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To this day, there are still customers who insist on keeping their Samsung Galaxy Note 7, despite knowing the risks.

Samsung has been continuously taking steps in an attempt to force people to abide by the recall. We’ve covered the explosiveness of this phone in depth here at XDA, so it shouldn’t be of any surprise as to why Samsung is so desperate to pry these smartphones out of the hands of the few remaining Note 7 owners. Samsung has repeatedly made it clear that all Note 7 devices need to be returned by sending notifications to all remaining devices and even pushing an OTA update that limits the charging capacity of the phone. But, despite Samsung’s attempts, many users still cling to their device thinking that the issue won’t affect their device.

So now Samsung is taking things a step further by cutting off cellular access as well as completely prevent charging for Galaxy Note 7 devices. We saw Samsung employ a similar strategy at the beginning of the month for Australian Note 7 owners, and now it’s been confirmed that the move will be happening in Canada as well. Both reports state the Galaxy Note 7 will no longer be able to connect to cellular providers on December 15th.

The press release for Canadian Note 7 owners also goes into more detail and mentions that even WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity will be disabled as early as December 12th. Apart from sending an update to brick the device (and hoping the consumer will accept and install the OTA update), there’s not much else Samsung will be able to do here. Without network access of any kind whatsoever, the Note 7 can do nothing more than play a few offline games or act as a calculator. It’s unclear if this strategy will roll out in other markets such as the U.S. or Europe, but we’ll have to wait and see if this strategy is effective in Australia and Canada.

Update 11:22AM CST

Samsung U.S. has also announced that they will push an OTA out to all remaining Note 7 owners restricting all forms of network access on the device. The OTA will roll out beginning December 19th and will also entirely prevent Note 7 devices from charging.

Source: Samsung Canada Source: Samsung USA