Samsung will update Good Lock with One UI 2.0 (Android 10) support on February 3rd

Samsung will update Good Lock with One UI 2.0 (Android 10) support on February 3rd

Samsung released its Good Lock suite of customization tools all the way back in 2016. The app was designed to help users tweak the appearance of TouchWiz on Android Marshmallow. Alongside the release of Android Oreo, Samsung introduced a ton of new features in Good Lock and early last year in March, the app was updated to include support for devices running One UI. The app has since received a number of updates, including new modules to bring features like slim recent apps, quick tools/actions in one-hand operation, and more. Early last month, Samsung released a Theme Park module for the app which allows users to theme One UI. However, up until now, the app didn’t include support for One UI 2.0 based on Android 10. According to a recent update from the company, the app will finally be updated to support One UI 2.0 early next month.


As reported by Sammobile, a recent post on Samsung Korea’s official community forum reveals that the latest update for the app will be released on February 3. The update will bring design changes to the app which are in line with One UI 2.0’s aesthetic and it will include support for the system-wide dark mode introduced in Android 10. Samsung has also improved the core features of the app, with the Lockstar module getting the ability to automatically arrange elements to match the background using the power of AI. The update also brings a new notification detail view which was requested by many users.

Here’s the official changelog (translated) for the upcoming Good Lock update:

  • Common
    • Dark Theme support.
    • Follow the One UI 2 principle.
    • Updated the profile information to the new version in the information of Good Lock.
    • App splash screen updated.
  • Lockstar
    • Major internal changes.
    • Added the ability to automatically arrange elements to match the background. (On-Device AI Technology)
    • Added a notification detail view that was requested by many users.
    • Provides a lock screen auto-off time setting.
    • Resized FaceWidget (starting with One UI 2.1).
    • Other improvements to settings.
  • QuickStar
    • Improved coloring segmentation and visibility.
    • Clock central position (except for Hole or Notch displays) is supported.
  • Taskchanger
    • New vertical-style added.
    • Provides an internal VI queue to distinguish between quickswitch and gesture actions.
  • Notistar
    • Added custom function for lock screen entry point handle.
  • Multistar
    • Press and hold the Recent button to quickly run the app to split-screen or pup-up view.
    • Pop-up screen execution, adjustable gesture area size.
    • Option to keep apps running even when removed from recent apps.
    • Remembers last pop-up screen location.
    • Multi Sound moves to Sound Assistant.
  • NaviStar
    • Implemented navigation hide feature that was deleted by policy.
    • Other updates will come in a later update of the app.
  • Theme Park
    • Dark mode theme creation supported.
    • Added requests for manual color settings instead of auto.
  • One Hand Operation
    • Auxiliary handle can be added.
    • Added quick toolbar function.
    • Execute various activities by expanding the home screen shortcut function.
    • Added vibration feedback setting.
    • Color change of animation is now possible.
  • Sound assistant
    • New features coming in towards the end of February
    • New menu to change orientation of volume UI.
    • MultiStar’s multisound function moved to Sound Assistant.

Source: Samsung Community forums

Via: Sammobile

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