Samsung Might Have Stopped Bundling USB-C Adapters with its Phones

Samsung Might Have Stopped Bundling USB-C Adapters with its Phones

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Samsung might have stopped bundling micro-USB-to-USB-C adapters with its mid-range phones. That’s according to SamMobile, which reported that some variants of the recently released Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8+ (2018) don’t come with one.

The Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ in the Netherlands and India include a power brick and a USB-C charging cable, but not a micro-USB-to-USB-C adapter, according to SamMobile. Samsung’s included adapters with its phones ever since it made the switch to USB-C with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, so that buyers could continue to use the cables that they already owned.

The contents of retail boxes tend to vary from country to country, so there’s a chance that some territories might get adapters. (The Galaxy A8 from the Netherlands comes with an OTG cable, while the A8+ comes with a silicon case.) But Samsung’s been using USB-C for well over a year now, and USB-C charging cables aren’t hard to find in any old department store. With more and more smartphone manufacturers following suit, it’s becoming increasingly less likely that customers purchasing the latest devices won’t have one or two USB-C cables already.

What’s interesting to note is that Samsung budget offerings such as the Samsung Galaxy J series still only come with micro USB connectors. Does that mean that when they eventually switch to USB-C, they won’t come with a micro-USB-to-USB-C adapter? We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: SamMobile