Samsung Using Facial Recognition for Mobile Payments is Years Away

Samsung Using Facial Recognition for Mobile Payments is Years Away

Android has had their own version of facial recognition for a while. You can generally find this feature tucked away in the Smart Lock section of the setting’s security page under the Trusted Face label. It’s a very early version of facial recognition but it works well enough for a number of people to be happy with it. Samsung has taken this a bit further with an iris scanner in their recent flagships, but some people say true facial recognition is the next-generation of biometric technology.

It is said that facial recognition is more convenient than iris scans due to how the whole process works. Anyone with a recent Samsung flagship will tell you that you have to position your eyes in the exact spot Samsung wants you to for their iris scanner to work. You’re also instructed from time to time to open your eyes wider in some cases which can add even more of a delay to unlocking your smartphone. Many people are happy with it but true facial recognition should be more convenient.

The Korea Herald has a piece up about how Samsung wants to move to this facial recognition methods in the future. Not only that, but how they also want to use it for high-level security such as financial transactions. However, they spoke to an unnamed “source from Samsung” and some “industry watchers” who are predicting that Samsung is years away from launching such strategy. These sources feel that it will take Samsung 4 years to use facial recognition for mobile payment authentication.

This delay is said to be due to the progress our mobile cameras have been making over the last few years. This plus the deep learning technology that would have to be developed and implemented into the smartphone is what seems to be holding this technology back right now. A Samsung representative says they don’t need to use this feature for mobile financial transactions since they have high-level biometric technologies such as iris and fingerprint recognition that are already developed.

Source: The Korea Herald

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