Samsung unveils larger version of Galaxy Z Fold 2 for China

Samsung unveils larger version of Galaxy Z Fold 2 for China

It was just a few months ago when Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and already there’s a sequel — sort of. The company is launching a new device called the Samsung W21 5G in China, and it’s essentially the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but slightly taller.

The Samsung W21 is nearly identical to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but as we mentioned, it’s taller. It’s unclear why Samsung decided to introduce a larger model, especially since the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is already pretty robust. But despite the obvious size difference, the main display is 7.6 inches, while the outer display is 6.23 inches. That’s the same as Samsung’s latest foldable.


Many of the device’s other specs are unchanged, including the 4500mAh battery and triple-camera setup. It also features a Snapdragon 865+ processor, 12GB of RAM, 512GB of internal storage, and Android 10. The device also sports a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, wireless charging, 5G connectivity, and two SIM slots.

Samsung W21 official image

The Samsung W21 sports a sleek gold design that appears to be textured on the back. It certainly looks flashy, although not quite as elegant as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which comes in a variety of colors.

Curiously, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is already available in China, so Samsung will be selling two slightly different versions of the same device. It’s not unusual for companies to sell a larger and smaller version of the same smartphone, but it is a little different for this new device to be called the Samsung W21 5G, as if it’s something completely different, rather than the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Plus or something similar.

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The new Samsung W21 is available in China for 19,999 CNY (compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 at 17,000 CNY), so there’s an added cost if you want the larger frame. You can’t go wrong either way, however, because Samsung really stepped up its foldable game this year, showing that the form factor could really be the form factor of the future.

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