Samsung will Unveil the Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018

Samsung will Unveil the Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018

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After months of rumors about the Galaxy S9‘s launch date, Samsung has confirmed that it will unveil the Galaxy S9 at the upcoming 2018 Mobile World Congress in February.

To recap, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ have been the subject of many rumors in recent months. We’ve seen everything from CAD renders, leaked specifications, color options, case renders, and more. Previously, some reports indicated that the phone would launch on February 27, but on Wednesday, DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile business, told ZDNet at a 2018 Consumer Electronics Show press conference that the company will unveil its first flagship smartphone of the year at MWC next month. The sales date for the Galaxy S9, which ZDNet reports will likely be in March, is also expected to be announced at the event.

Last year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ at an Unpacked Event on March 29, and started selling the phones on April 21. The unveiling of the S9 is being held a month earlier.

Mr. Koh also told the publication that the company intends to launch its first foldable phone sometime next year. (This comes after he said in September that Samsung is targeting a 2018 launch, and follows a report indicating that the company plans to start production of the device in November.) Mr. Koh went on to say that user experience (UX) was the “biggest obstacle” in commercializing the foldable device, and added that the company was “aggressively looking” to overcome the issue.

Mr. Koh shared another tidbit with ZDNet: Bixby 2.0 will be launched within the year, and all Samsung devices will support it by 2020.

We expect to learn more about the S9 and the S9+ leading up to the launch event.

Source: ZDNet