Samsung’s underwhelming #YouMake product customizer is finally live

Samsung’s underwhelming #YouMake product customizer is finally live

Samsung first revealed its ‘#YouMake’ project back in January, which aimed to add a new level of personalization and customization across the company’s electronics and appliances. It sounded like a neat idea, but now that the service is starting to go live, it’s a bit underwhelming.

The new customizer is available in the United States at, which has links to personalize the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Bespoke Edition, Frame TV, Bespoke Jet Cordless Stick, and various appliances. However, this isn’t a new take on the beloved Moto Maker from Motorola — it’s just a hub for existing personalization options. For example, the customization studio for the Galaxy Watch 4 asks you to pick the model (either the regular Watch 4 or the Classic), size, and band, then you are redirected to the product page with your options selected.


Customizing a Galaxy Watch 4 in Bespoke Studio

The product with the most personalization options seems to be the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition, but that was released in October of last year with all the same color combinations. It would have been nice to see Samsung offer new color options or engraving for some of its products, but that’s not what is currently available.

Samsung said in a press release on Monday, “the #YouMake campaign will roll out across eight countries2 by May before expanding to other countries throughout the second half of this year. Under the #YouMake campaign, Samsung plans to offer continuous services and benefits through virtual experiences, customer participation events and more by utilizing top metaverse platforms.”

Samsung also started selling ‘Re-Newed’ Galaxy S21 phones this month, which are refurbished with new batteries and IMEI numbers. The phones have the same 1-year warranty as new devices, but initial pricing is fairly close to the cost of a brand new Galaxy S22 device.

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