Samsung’s Galaxy Fit 2 and Wireless Charger Pad Trio are now available to buy

Samsung’s Galaxy Fit 2 and Wireless Charger Pad Trio are now available to buy

Is the Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch not your speed? If you’re looking for a simple fitness smartwatch that tracks all your exercises with a small form factor, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, which is now available to buy.

Available in Black and Scarlet, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is a smaller smartwatch that will still do everything you need it to track your exercises. Dynamic Tracking allows the Galaxy Fit 2 to automatically detect and track some of the most common workouts. You’ll also be able to track your sleep and notifications, and it’s a swim-ready smartwatch. The Galaxy Fit 2 cannot track your heart rate, but still represents a ton of value for just $60!


And for me, the best part is that this is small. I have small wrists, and most smartwatches look ridiculous on them. The only smartwatch that I found that fit me in the past was the Fitbit Alta, but I found Fitbit’s software and features lacking for everything I wanted. The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has a similar design but does way more with its fitness tracking and who it reacts to smartphone notifications. If you’re having trouble staying motivated with regular exercise, I think this is the smartwatch to get, with it straddling the line between affordability and functionality.

    Looking for a no nonsense, affordable fitness smartwatch? For $60, the Galaxy Fit 2 is a no-thrills fitness tracker that looks great and does almost everything. With Dynamic Tracking of your workouts, up to 15 days of battery life, and the ability to track your swim, you won't be disappointed by this smaller smartwatch.

This isn’t the only new item from the Samsung Store, though! The company has also launched the Wireless Charger Pad Trio, in black and white. As the name implies, you can charge up to three devices wirelessly at once with it, so if you have a phone, a pair of earbuds, and a smartwatch that all need charging, you’ll no longer need to worry about which device to charge first. The charger pad also has room for two phones, in case you share precious nightstand space with a loved one. $90 may seem like a high price, but Samsung’s previous wireless charging pads have been very reliable and this is likely the best triple charging option available right now.

    Charge all your devices at once, without any fuss. The Wireless Charger Pad Trio has room for your smartphone, earbuds, and smartwatch all at once. Now you won't need so many wires snaking around your nightstand or work area!

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