Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch rumored to have ECG support like the Apple Watch

Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch rumored to have ECG support like the Apple Watch

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Despite the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active only being released earlier this year, we’re already being treated to image and information leaks of the second iteration. The first Galaxy Watch Active marked a somewhat surprising design shift with the removal of the rotating bezel. Samsung ditched the fan-favorite rotating bezel in favor of a sleeker, more polished look. If leaks are to be believed, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is going much the same way. But the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is not just going to be a carbon copy of its predecessor. New information from SamMobile reveals that it may have an ECG app, similar to Apple’s Series 4 Apple Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

ECGs are important because they can reveal irregularities in your heart rhythm, which can be symptoms of a stroke. While not indicators just by themselves, the data can be shared with qualified physicians for an expert opinion and possible appropriate treatment. It is a delicate feature, however, as Apple was required to obtain FDA clearance for the feature. As a result, it’s more than likely that Samsung will also need to do the same. Given the length of time that this process can take, it’s possible that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 may not have this feature enabled at launch.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 may be taking another leaf out of Apple’s book with Fall Detection. Also featured in the Apple Watch Series 4, Fall Detection will display an alert on the screen and vibrate the watch if the device detects a hard fall while on your wrist. From there you can use one-tap options to either contact emergency services or dismiss the alert. The idea is that if someone suffers from an accident which leaves them unable to reach a phone, they can quickly and easily get help.

Based on these leaks, it’s clear that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will still be heavily focused on fitness – as the name would suggest. It’s nice to see these little features being added, even if they are taken directly from Apple’s latest Apple Watch series. It remains to be seen if the Watch Active 2 can feature something that will make it stand out, something unique to it and it alone. At the moment, we have no indication, but it’s still a while before a release is on the cards.

Source: SamMobile