[APKS AVAILABLE] Samsung’s TouchWiz Replacement Detailed on Video, Will Likely Arrive with Note 7

[APKS AVAILABLE] Samsung’s TouchWiz Replacement Detailed on Video, Will Likely Arrive with Note 7

Samsung’s TouchWiz UI has slowly been transforming itself over the years, progressively pleasing more and more enthusiasts by trailing away from the bloat and clutter it was so infamous for. While there are still improvements to be made, new details show big changes might be coming.

With their upcoming “Grace UX”, Samsung is seemingly putting forth a thorough redesign


A video by HDBlog, as well as a companion article, give us a thorough look at what could be Samsung’s upcoming software experience. The footage shows a much cleaner UI with a light color palette and blur everywhere, a practice that Samsung has increasingly been adopting. In the end, this is almost unrecognizable from the older TouchWiz, and more expansive than the current one even with the well-received Good Lock project that Samsung has released for users to try out.

The video is in Italian, but we still advise you to check it out to see how this TouchWiz replacement candidate looks and flows. Alternatively, you can check out their article where they show direct screenshots, or the gallery below where we picked the more relevant aspects of the UI:

Finally, you can also find the relevant APKs for the new UX beta in this thread. These include SNote, SBrowser, the video player, launcher, and pretty much everything worth checking out short of the full system UI.

What do you think of this UI? Would you want it on your phone? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: HDBlog
Via: Sammobile

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