Samsung’s TouchWiz Working on FroYo-Running Nexus

Samsung’s TouchWiz Working on FroYo-Running Nexus

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There are a number of launchers available for Android, one of them being Samsung’s TouchWiz launcher which is beautifully demonstrated on the Samsung Galaxy S i9000.

If TouchWiz is a launcher that you’ve been hankering to try on your Google Nexus One, well now’s your chance.  XDA forum member rolle3k has been working on the port to the Nexus One and now that FroYo has been released, the dev has modified the Android OS to work with the basic TouchWiz launcher.

Requires root access, Froyo FRF83 and the TouchWiz package (download links in the thread).

Apps and Widgets are still to come, but for now you can try out the basic launcher and give some feedback in the development thread.