Saturday Contest: Solve These XDA Riddles and Win Play Store Credit!

Saturday Contest: Solve These XDA Riddles and Win Play Store Credit!

This week we are bringing you a fun little contest through which you can win Play Store credit to spend on your favorite or most wanted applications. We’ll be giving out two Play Store credit codes, a $25 one for the winner and a $10 code for whoever ends up in second place. The contest is easy, all you have to do is head into this Google Form and answer our two XDA riddles.

The riddles and answers are related to XDA culture, personalities and applications. Think outside the box and look for clues in our forums, notable member profiles, or simply take a walk down memory lane.

The two riddles are simple, but abstract. You must get both right in the linked form in order to win. The first person to get both right will win the $25 code, and the second one will get the $10 code. Only the first submission under your username will count, so think your answers through!

The riddles are the following:

1 – A Man with a Boot, Searching for a Shirt.

2 – The Wild sound of Freedom.

Submit your answers!

We’ll be giving out clues on our twitter @xdadevelopers, so stay tuned or ask us for tips over there. Otherwise, feel free to discuss the questions in the comments down below.

We’ll be closing down the form tomorrow Sunday at 10 AM ET, so you have time until then to leave your answers. Good luck!


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