Saturday Contest: Winners and the Answers!

Saturday Contest: Winners and the Answers!

Yesterday we decided to have some fun. We posted 2 riddles for you guys to try and solve, with Google Play Credit prizes for both the winner and the first runner-up. We had hundreds of entries, but only a few of you got the answers correct. The wait is now over, here are the answers and who got them first.

1 – A Man with a Boot, Searching for a Shirt.

The first answer we were looking for was the name of one of our Senior Recognized Developers, a man famous for many XDA apps including the popular Liveboot which replaces your boot animation with a live logcat. The first clue we gave out on Reddit and Twitter was a link to one of these logcats. According to his account details, he also has no idea where his shirt is.

The first answer was “Chainfire“, of course!

2 – The Wild sound of Freedom.

The second riddle was a bit harder if you had missed the recent release of a certain open source music app by developer XpLoDWilD. The clue we gave to this, as many of you guessed, was a small grayscaled portion of the welcome screen.

The second answer was “Encore”!

Congratulations if you got them both right, only 24 of you gave both correct answers. However, the member that gave the answer first and, therefore wins $25 of Google Play credit was: Moon2. The second person to answer correctly winning themselves $10 of Google Play credit was: adaytoremember. Bravo! We will PM your codes shortly.

The following users also answered correctly but were, unfortunately, too late to win one of the codes:

  • purgepure
  • TJKV
  • sebastian05000
  • Quasar
  • Tony_St
  • YoshiShaPow
  • soumitpl48
  • paarthdesai
  • medicdj
  • gus1521
  • kawiesh
  • Morningstar
  • Ash110
  • Preggy
  • Marxie
  • lukes91
  • Spere
  • thunderskain
  • vinver-3160
  • JavierAlonso
  • siddlv
  • danielbulan97

Honourable mentions

We had many brilliant answers and some were far deeper than we had considered, some of our favorite answers for the first included:
“A man with a phone searching for a ROM”
“XDA TV’s Jordan Keyes”
someone who’s probably gonna be late for work !”

and for the second:
…you gonna hear me rooaaaar……….”
Freebird – Lynyrd Skynyrd” (It’s mentioned in the Encore app description)
Guns N’ Roses’s music, Welcome to the Jungle”


Did you work them out? Leave a comment below!

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