Save your Notes On Your Contacts With “Bubbles” for Android

Save your Notes On Your Contacts With “Bubbles” for Android

We know that there are quite a few contact managers available for Android out in the wild. However, this one rather called our attention as its main purpose is not that of a contact manager but rather as a Notes application. XDA member nitzanj has developed Bubbles, which basically will allow the user to add notes that will get displayed whenever a contact is accessed either by the user or whenever the person receives a call from someone with bubbles in their profile. Simple and effective, you can add a wide variety of notes with reminders of any kind, so next time someone calls and you meant to ask something, you will not forget.

The app is still in developmental stage and as such you may run into a few bugs, but if you like this, please make sure that you leave some feedback for the dev.

Bubble lets you keep memos for every contact you have. The greatness is that whenever that contact calls his bubbles are shown on the in-call screen 
So, for instance:
Someone calls you and says he has a job interview tomorrow. You write a new bubble for that contact: ‘Ask how the interview went!’ – Next time he calls, you’ll see that bubble right away and won’t forget to ask

You can find more information in the application thread.

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