Scoop helps Android developers catch the stack trace when their app crashes

Scoop helps Android developers catch the stack trace when their app crashes

XDA Recognized Developer MrWasdennnoch had previously released an Xposed Module called Scoop which helped developers fix various issues that caused their application to crash. It can be difficult to create an Android app that runs flawlessly on all the different OEM ROMs out there, so this Xposed Module helps catch the stack trace and learn what caused it. The module doesn’t work on Android Pie due to recent changes, so XDA Senior Member paphonb forked the project and made it work without requiring Xposed Framework.

paphonb also took the liberty to make the application look more modern as well, but the end goal is still the same. The application will work no matter if you are rooted or not (unrooted users will need to execute an ADB shell command to grant the application the proper permission it needs though).

Scoop Features

  • Search in crashed apps
  • Search in stack trace
  • Crash preview in notification
  • Combination of same crashes/apps to avoid long repetitive lists
  • Crash blacklist
  • Quick actions to copy/share a stack trace
  • Uploading to dogbin for convenient sharing.

Check out the updated version of Scoop in our Apps and Games forum

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