Scour for Spice With Dune For Your (an)Droid

Scour for Spice With Dune For Your (an)Droid

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Remember Dune? No, not that Dune. I’m not talking about this one either. I’m obviously referring to the video game! Now, thanks to XDA moderator Zepiii, you can rekindle your love for that old video game flame. In what started as a quest to play the game on his computer, he has stumbled on some quick and easy-to-follow steps for using some bits of abandonware and aDOSBox, yielding massive amounts of nostalgic fun!

More than 10 years ago, I was playing Dune on my compter ! Now, I tried to “emulate” it on my Windows 7 64 bits, but it’s crashing so I looked around to make it work for Android, and I succeed on my HTC Desire HD (WVGA Device). Should work for all other WVGA devices, dunno for others !

In more, as it’s an abandonware, it’s free.

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