How To Take Screenshots On Android Wear


You probably find yourself often taking screenshots on your Android phone. There’s lots of stuff to capture like high scores, funny text messages, video calls and especially dirty snapchats lol. Well on your Android wear-powered smartwatch it’s the same thing. There are going to be many times that you wish you could just take a screenshot. You might have noticed that this feature doesn’t really present itself right off the bat. No worries, I’ll show you how to take screenshots on android wear.

First you’ll want to start by enabling the developer options on your android watch.

 Enable Developer Options
 Step 1: Open your Settings menu
 Step 2: Navigate to the About Phone menu
 Step 3: Tap on Build Number until you are given developer access




Next you’ll open up your Android wear app on your phone and select the menu button in the top right.

You will see an option that says “Take wearable screenshot“.

Once you select this, your phone will show you a notification that the screenshot has finished. To transfer the screenshot to your phone, tap the notification and share the screenshot with dropbox or something like that.

If you have a watch with a square face, your screenshots will be standard 1:1 images. If you have a watch with a circle face, the screenshot will appear with black rounded corners.

Round Face ScreenshotSquare Face Screenshot

There ya have it. Now you can easily take screenshots on your Android wear watch. I hope you’ve learned a lot. I know I have.