Automate Your Scrolling with Smart Scroll Tools

Automate Your Scrolling with Smart Scroll Tools

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Paper still has its value, but smart devices are slowly replacing traditional paper and pen, as well as classical books and traditional press. If you read a lot (and find yourself scrolling frequently), the screen of your tablet or smartphone may quickly become quite dirty and full of fingerprints, making the experience less than desirable. Luckily, there are some alternative and hopefully better methods of scrolling that will save you some time and frustration.

A few months ago, we wrote about Tilt Scroll by XDA Forum Member mrYoussef135. This application is able to scroll content in various applications using the built-in device accelerometer sensor. Not everyone likes to shake their device like a tambourine, so if you are looking for a more traditional way of scrolling, mrYoussef135 once again came up with something that might interest you. Smart Scroll Tools is an application that allows you to scroll within apps with just a few buttons. It’s a very useful solution for those who find themselves reading long documents that require a good amount of scrolling. The application runs a server, which makes it usable with almost all apps installed on your phone.

To use Smart Scroll Tools, your device must be rooted and be running Android 4.0 or newer, so keep that in mind before installing this application. It will also work on Android Lollipop.

Don’t waste your time scrolling your screen using your fingers. Smart Scrolls Tools will do that for you. You can get the application by heading over to the Smart Scroll Tools forum thread.