Scrollable News Widget for Android

Scrollable News Widget for Android

More widgets are arriving to Android platform. This time, XDA member gdodinet presents Scrollable news widget, which features like removed ads, configurable tap action, configurable summary crop, allows hiding news summary, organize preference screen, and more. The widget works with Launcher Pro, ADW and Zeam.
You can get it on the marketplace for free. Please leave some feedback, so future versions can be improved.

Originally posted by gdodinet
[widget] Scrollable news widget


I’ve published yesterday the first version of a scrollable news widget. This is my first attempt at android development.

I’ve tested the widget against Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher quickly and quite extensively with Zeam. It still needs some work (amonst other things: theming, feed lookup and validation) but it is still usable — meaning i use it.

Version history:

v1.1, 20101128
– Removed ads
– Configurable tap action
– Configurable summary crop
– Allow hiding news summary
– Organize preference screen
– Add simple appearance tweaks
– Add simple feed validation
– Add more refresh intervals

You can find more information in the application thread.

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