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Steg Enables You to Send Unsupported Files Through WhatsApp

Steg is an application from XDA Junior Member LordFME that enables you to send unsupported files via WhatsApp as long as Steg is installed on both devices. You can use the application to bypass WhatsApp's image compression feature.

Job Listing from WhatsApp Indicates Interest to Offer Digital Payments in India

The scenario in the Indian market as far as adoption of digital payments go can be divided neatly into two periods: Pre-Demonetization and Post-Demonetization. Before the controversial move by the Indian government, a normal day would involve very heavy usage of cash currency, supplemented by means like debit and credit cards and netbanking should the...

XStatus Changer for WhatsApp Xposed Module Allows You To Schedule WhatsApp Status Photos

This Xposed Module allows you to set multiple images to be posted as WhatsApp Status after a specified time interval, letting you stagger and upload several images in one go.

A Guide on How to Disable the new Whatsapp Status Feature

Whatsapp began rolling out a new Snapchat-like photo and video "status" feature a few days back, but if you aren't a fan of this new change, then XDA Senior Member GokuINC has written a guide on how to disable it provided you have a rooted device. Check it out!

WhatsApp Begins Rolling Out Snapchat-like Photo and Video “Status”

WhasApp is celebrating its 8th birthday on February 24th. What started off in 2009 as a simple application to let people "what's up" with you has now become a very big player in the Instant Messaging space. The app has ballooned in popularity in developing countries where SMS continues to cost a bomb, but where...

Latest WhatsApp Beta Update Hints at allowing Editing and Recalling Messages

WhatsApp is reportedly adding some really useful features in the latest version of the public beta app. As discovered by @WABetainfo, WhatsApp is planning to add new features that would let users recall or edit messages even after they are sent. This could really come handy when you want to fix a small typo in a sent text...

WhatsApp Begins Rolling Out Video Calling to All Users

WhatsApp remains a strong competitor amidst the sea of instant messaging apps on the market. Despite attaining a mind-boggling 1 billion active users earlier this year, the company has not stagnated on rolling out updates and improvements to the core service. Surging popularity from the likes of Telegram have pushed Whatsapp to focus on their strengths as...

qeuBot Adds in a Personal Chatbot to WhatsApp

If you are looking for a personal chatbot for your WhatsApp conversations, check out queBot! queBot can perform online and offline operations through WhatsApp, without needing to register or adding any phone number.

WhatsApp Extensions Xposed Module Adds Extra Functionality to WhatsApp

Open-source WhatsApp Extensions Xposed Module by XDA Senior Member Surajkumar adds in features like reply reminders, hiding last seen and read receipts, zooming profile photos and more!

WhatsApp Updates ToS and Privacy Policy to Reflect Information Sharing With Facebook

WhatsApp has updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to reflect changes of its Facebook takeover. Information is now shared with "Facebook family of companies" to do things like basic metric studies, for fighting spam on WhatsApp, for allowing better friend suggestions on Facebook and for showing relevant ads. Users can choose to opt...

WhatsApp Handles Over 100 Million Voice Calls a Day

WhatsApp is by far one of, if not the, most popular messaging platform in the world today. Over 1 billion people are using it and today the company has announced they are handling over 100 million voice calls each and ever day. When doing the math, this averages out to over 1,100 calls every single...

WhatsApp Releases Official Desktop Client for Windows and OS X

After teasing us with their WhatsApp Web client, the company has now released an official desktop client for both Windows and OS X. We're told that just like WhatsApp web, this client will just be an extension of your phone. This means you'll still need to have it close as it will simply be mirroring...