Second OxygenOS Android Oreo Beta for the OnePlus 5 Released, Brings Many Bug Fixes

Second OxygenOS Android Oreo Beta for the OnePlus 5 Released, Brings Many Bug Fixes

OnePlus has promised that they would deliver the Oreo update to the OnePlus 3 and the 3T before the end of the year, and they managed to roll out its first Oreo build towards the middle of last month. It was around this time that we learned the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T would both receive their stable Oreo update in “early 2018.” The first Oreo beta build of OxygenOS was released for the OnePlus 5 shortly after that announcement, and now the company has announced OxygenOS Open Beta 2 for the OnePlus 5.

With it being the second beta update for Oreo on the OnePlus 5, we’re right to assume it would include a number of bug fixes that have been reported by the community. First up we have some changes that were made to the OnePlus Launcher, as there had been reports of issues with both widgets as well as app shortcuts. If you were experiencing either of those before then you’ll definitely want to test out this new Open Beta as it will likely clear up those issues.

The stock camera along with the files manager applications were both having some issues as well. The camera application itself received some basic UI improvements and the file manager application received some speed improvements when deleting large files. The file manager application will also start displaying the f4v file format in video category. The last bit of changes that comes with Open Beta 2 for the OnePlus 5 focuses on the overall system of the device.

For example, there have been some improvements made to Reading Mode, Bluetooth audio, and the vibration effect. There were a few Parallel Apps bugs that have been squashed, and the team also included “general bug fixes and stability improvements” to the list as well. Finally, this new beta update also adds in Android’s November security patches too.

OnePlus 5 Open Beta 2 Changelog

  • Launcher
    • Fixed widget issues
    • Fixed shortcut issues
  • Camera
    • UI Improvements
  • Files Manager
    • Added f4v format in video category
    • Speed improvements while deleting massive files.
  • System
    • Improvements to Reading Mode
    • Improvements in vibration
    • Improvements in Bluetooth audio
    • Fixed Parallel apps bugs
    • Fixed reboot issue when using Picture in Picture
    • Updated Android security patch to November
    • General bug fixes and stability improvements.

Source: OnePlus

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