Secure Your Apps with Applock Pro

Secure Your Apps with Applock Pro

For many people, having an app that can lock specific apps behind a pin/password is an essential part of their phone security. This extra layer of protection will keep intruders out of your gallery, texting apps, social media, or anything that may contain sensitive information.

There are plenty of apps on the Play store that offer this kind of protection, but Applock Pro brings powerful customization options and themes that will make this your favorite security app.

Applock Pro is free to download from the Play store

Keep your apps secure by locking them with a pin or password


When it comes to security apps, it’s so important that they are fast and non-intrusive. Applock Pro is so fast that it will barely affect the amount of time it takes you to get into your app. You can even set your fingerprint as the unlock, so you don’t have to bother with pins or passwords.

Since your Applock prompt is a full screen interface, you’ll want to customize it to match the theme of your phone. There are plenty of themes that can be downloaded form the Play store and applied to your Applock.

Locked apps will show a pin/password prompt before opening.

Smart lock will unlock your apps when a trusted bluetooth device is connected.

Select from tons of themes to apply to Applock

Customize your applock with the powerful setting menu.

Applock Pro is developed by members of our own community here, and we really love this app. Try this app out so the next time someone else is using your phone, you don’t have to worry about them seeing your nudes.

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