See Your Mail Before It Arrives With USPS’s New Informed Delivery Service

See Your Mail Before It Arrives With USPS’s New Informed Delivery Service

Have you ever had a traffic ticket in the mail that you were unaware of until the consequences of which worsened? Maybe you’ve been on the lookout for an important letter of another variety, perhaps a college acceptance letter or paycheck. Though modern technology has brought us to often look past traditional mail, it’s still an essential part of our lives – a fact which the United States Postal Service hasn’t taken for granted. That’s why they’re introducing Informed Delivery.

Informed Delivery is a free service, offered by the USPS which sends pictures of your received, or soon to be received, mail directly to your email inbox. Each email contains up to ten grayscale photos which display the front of letter-sized pieces of mail; catalogues and magazines may be added in the future, according to the USPS website. Emails containing more than ten images will provide a link to the remainder and may include pieces of mail scheduled to arrive as far out as two days. All mail is accessible for up to seven days through an online dashboard.

Taking exterior photos of mail is not a new practice for the USPS, and has been implemented since the 1990’s to aid the sorting process. In fact, such photos have reportedly been provided to law enforcement agencies that request them for use in criminal cases.

The new service is set to launch nationwide starting today, though some areas have had access since March 10th. Enrollment is easy and can be done through the USPS website. No excuse for not paying that ticket now, future self.

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