Select Mobile Banking Apps Make it Easier to Use Your Cards with Android Pay

Select Mobile Banking Apps Make it Easier to Use Your Cards with Android Pay

Some felt Google’s enthusiasm with Android Pay would die out in a few months and at first it seemed to look that way. The company had a strong launch in the United States but that is where some of Google’s services stop at. Since its launch though, we’ve seen Android Pay brought to Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Hong Kong and more. Android Pay doesn’t seem to be losing Google’s interest lately and a new announcement shows banks are giving it more attention too.

Google just announced that they have partnered with a handful of banks around the world to make it easier for you to add your cards to Android Pay. As it is right now, the process isn’t difficult or anything, but any way to make it easier on the user is certainly welcomed. If this catches on then we could see this adopted by a large number of banks and this would be great for the longevity of Android Pay going forward. Google’s initial partners include Bank of America, Bank of New Zealand, Discover, mBank and USAA.

If you use one of these listed banks, then a new update to their mobile application will make it easier to add your banking card to Android Pay. Google gives an example in their blog post where you simply launch the application, go to the menu where you manage the card that you have with the bank, and then tap a button to add it to Android Pay. Google even says that in some cases, having the Android Pay application downloaded isn’t even required.

Google further states that you can access and enjoy the capabilities of Android Pay with select mobile banking applications. They don’t go into detail about which mobile banking applications offer these features, but again, this could catch on as Google says they’re working to integrate Android Pay into more mobile banking applications in the future.

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