[Sense] New Tab: E-Reader

[Sense] New Tab: E-Reader

The leaked HD2 T-Mobile ROMs have already shown us the new Documents tab. This tab gives you the ability to browse through your documents, such as PDF files and Word documents. A new ROM from XDA-developers reveals another new tab in Sense 2.5: E-reader.

It gives you the ability to scroll through downloaded e-books within Sense, and after selecting an e-book, it will load the book and you’re able to zoom in and out, flip through pages, etc. It works quite nice.

Originally Posted by Laurentius26:

Today I publish my new WM6.5.5 rom, a new step to ultimate speed and stability and a whole new experience with WM6.5.5 new interface.

About the rom:

  • Radio version
  • ROM Date 01/29/10
  • ROM version 2.07.531.6 (79662) WWE
  • Manila version 2.5.201136.26.0

The goodies:

  • New Opera_Browser_9_70_35801_0
  • IME_Swype
  • Full landscape supported rom
  • Manila_eReader
  • Manila_DocumentBrowser
  • HTC Flashlight
  • NETCF 3.5

The adds:

  • Incall recording
  • BsB Tweak 1.6
  • Custom Commmanager with 3G button
  • DotFred’s Advanced Taskmanager
  • Keepass (digital wallet)
  • PHM Notepad
  • Reset button
  • WolfTranslator_v1.2
  • Screencapture

Tweaks applied:

  • A heavy patched XIP for more rom speed
  • Opera with Zoomslider and more tabs
  • HTC Album real closes to save mem
  • Dialerpad no keypress sounds
  • Ezinput no haptic feedback
  • Several camera tweaks
  • Many more I can’t remember

The new tab is currently only available on the HD2 ROM, so you’ll need an HD2 to be able to use it.

Update: It’s now also available on other ROMs for devices such as the Rhodium, Topaz and HD! (thanks hubie for the tip!)
You can find more information and a download link in the application thread.

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