Sensory’s TrulyNatural is an SDK for on-device natural language processing

Sensory’s TrulyNatural is an SDK for on-device natural language processing

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Voice is poised to be the next big medium of interaction with a host of smart devices and appliances. Realizing this potential, internet majors like Amazon and Google have already pioneered voice interactions, occupying almost 97% of the smart speaker market, while Facebook recently publicized its plans to introduce its own voice assistant soon. But amidst this, privacy remains a major concern for users since these internet companies use cloud-based voice search solutions and store users’ conversations with their smart assistants online with the objective of dissecting them and getting to know the user better. As a solution to this major problem, the Silicon Valley-based company, Sensory, has developed TrulyNatural, a native voice recognition platform that will allow manufacturers to add natural language understanding capabilities to literally any smart device and the platform works without uploading conversations online.

Sensory’s TrulyNatural engine has been developed to offer on-device natural language understanding that works on the device itself and can operate even without an internet connection. The company says that TrulyNatural can be deployed on devices of any shape and size and is capable of completing tasks with an accuracy of 90%. In less than 10MB, the platform can offer full functionality and a large repository of words and phrases as well as interpret them without any specific conditions for grammar. At the same time, it can also be scaled for applications like virtual assistants or call center chatbots sporting a “virtually unlimited vocabulary.

Currently, TrulyNatural supports languages such as English US and while the support for British English, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish will be added in phases through 2019 and 2020. Sensory has released SDKs for applications targeted at Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and certain other operating systems.

Aside from being integrated into applications or connected devices, TrulyNatural can also be combined with other machine learning solutions from Sensory such as TrulyHandsfree for a customizable hotword recognition experience and TrulySecure for protection using biometric, facial recognition, or even voice recognition systems. Sensory’s facial recognition technology has been deployed on a host of Nokia and LG smartphones as well as for more complex applications like authentication at enterprises and financial or educational institutions.