Sentons announces an ultrasonic touch solution for large displays and a new SDK

Sentons announces an ultrasonic touch solution for large displays and a new SDK

Sentons is a US-based semiconductors company that specializes in ultrasonic sensors and smart, software-based solutions. The company develops Software-Defined Surfaces (SDS) that use ultrasound sensing technology to replace physical buttons with virtual, touch-sensitive buttons. While Sentons’ solutions have primarily focused on smaller form factors such as smartphones and wearables, the company is now turning its attention to larger form factors.

At CES 2022, Sentons made two key announcements: the release of a software development kit (SDK) for smartphones, wearables, and IoT devices and a new ultrasonic touch solution for large displays. Sentons’ large display solution, SNT8020, allows OEM to implement virtual controls on smart displays as big as 15-inch to 30-inch. Sentons says its solution is easy to implement and works on any surface regardless of the shape or curvature of the display. While competing capacitive solutions require a transparent sensor grid across the entire display, Sentons’ solution can be enabled with just 12 periphery sensors, making it a more cost-effective option.


The large display solution, SNT8020, is simpler to implement, water immune and more cost-effective than capacitive touch solutions.

Meanwhile, Sentons’ new SDK allows developers to easily and quickly implement the company’s various ultrasonic solutions on consumer devices at scale. The SDK will be available to developers at a starting price of $900.

“Sentons’ SDK for mobile and IoT devices is a solution to drive efficient development and faster deployment of ultrasonic UX technology. It includes everything needed for developers to create a prototype on the surface of a device,” the company said in a press release.

The SDK and the SNT8020 large display solution are part of Sentons’ suite of ultrasonic SDSWave solutions. Other ultrasonic solutions in Sentons’ portfolio include the SDSWave wearable processorSDS CameraBarSDS GamingBar. Notably, SDS GamingBar allows OEMs to implement ultrasonic game triggers. It has been featured in ASUS’ ROG Phone 5 and Lenovo’s Legion Phone.

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